التقارير والرقابة المالية

لغة البرنامج العربية, الانجليزية
الاعتماد/التأهيل TVTC
طريقة تنفيذ الدورة عامة, مخصصة
الكود: AFFCRz القسم:

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Course Objectives
–Conceptualize the roles of Financial Control and appreciate their pivotal contribution to
Bank management
–Understand Bank planning and analysis requirements and visit the process of business analysis
–Appreciate why Bank’s positioning is the key determinant of business sustainability and success
–Take a historical view on the impact of bank size on its interest and profitability margins
–Try to take account of the causes of bank failure and analysis the probability and likelihood of these causes occurring in Saudi
–Appreciate the need to manage Bank’s assets and liabilities on an ongoing basis to avoid maturity mismatch
–Take a note of risks that banks exposed to and understand why RORAC is introduced
–Understand why ICAAP and Basel accords are increasingly concerned with capital adequacy
–Comprehend budgeting and variance analysis and understand its impact on Bank’s control
–Take a note of Financial Control reporting requirements and understand the benefits received by report recipients

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