إدارة المبيعات والمشتريات

لغة البرنامج العربية, الانجليزية
الاعتماد/التأهيل TVTC
طريقة تنفيذ الدورة عامة, مخصصة

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Course Objectives
–This course enables the Participants to:
—Understand the different levels of procurement decision making
—Understand the different procurement procedures and processes
—Understanding the different assessment tools in selecting suppliers, contract types, agreement terms and performance management.
—Understanding the procurement management best practices
—Understanding the internal and external networks using e-Business
Who may participate?
–This course is important for managers, supervisors, executives and team leaders in all vocational operation areas within the organization, such as financial sector, production sector and supply chain, purchasing, importation planning sectors. Marketing sector can make profit out of this course when dealing with marketing service providers, packaging, catalogs, gifts and premium products.

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