A Cooperation Agreement with Financial and Banking Malaysian Institute IBFIM

A mutual cooperation agreement has been made by and between Managerial and Financial Training Center (referred to as MFTC), represented by the CEO Mrs. Hanan Alattas , and Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia (referred to as IBFIM ), represented by the CEO Prof. Adnan Elyas.

The purpose of this agreement is to provides a mutual cooperation between the two parties in the field of training, research, consultancy and rehabilitation of graduates, as well as, providing professional certifications in financial and banking industry and insurance.

The parties agreed to enhance the field of training and research through common projects. Moreover, The head of financial and banking Malaysian Institute has invited Mrs. Hanan al-Attas to join in the Network of Islamic Finance Training Institutes and to attend the periodic meetings that aims to develop islamic finance programs.

It is worth to mention that Managerial and Financial Training Center has made many achievements in the recent years with major banks and companies in Saudi Arabia, and provides an efficient and flexible in-house and public training programs.

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