Advanced Logistics Management

Procurement and Supply Chains

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  • Course Duration: 3 days
  • Course Language: English
  • Certification: Accredited Certificate from Technical and Vocational Training Center


-To know all about logistics; meaning, concepts, new trends.
-To identify the logistics role in the supply chain management.
-To recognize how to implement Logistics Management System in your organization.
-To develop the participants' ability to evaluate a firm s strategy, to formulate managerial policies to guide operations and to expand management focus to a global logistical perspective.
-To learn the role of the 3 PL in your business and how to gain the utmost benefits.


-Managing Directors & decision makers.
-General Managers
-Logistics Operations & Support.
-Supply Chain Management.
-Procurement, Acquisition & Sourcing.
-Transportation & Fleet Management.
-Material, Inventory & Resource Support.
-Product Lifecycle Management.
-Logistics Planning & Policy.



Module 1: Supply Chain and Logistics Management
--Definitions of logistics management
--Role and Scope of Logistics
--Logistics activities
--Effect of Logistics in Global economy
--Logistics strategies
--Relationship between logistics, production and marketing
--Key trends in Logistics Management

Module 2: Material Management
--The 7 fundamental concepts of Logistics
--Product Life Cycle and Logistics decisions
--ABC Classification and Logistics decisions

Module 3: Transportation Management
--Transportation Fundamentals
--Transportation Modes
--Mode Selection
--Shipping terms – Incoterms 2010

Module 4: Warehousing and Distribution Management
--Importance of Warehousing
--Types of Storage
--Warehousing Operations
--Distribution channels
--Role of Distribution centers
--Freight consolidation
--One-To-Many Distribution
--Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP)
--Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP)
--Many-To-Many Distribution

Module 5: Out Sourcing
--Out sourcing decision matrix
--Benefits of Out Sourcing.
--Risk of Out Sourcing.
--3RD Party Logistics means and tools?
--Services Offered by Third-Party Providers.

Module 6: Information Management
--Logistics Information Management System
--Problems facing the implementation of information system
--The 4Rs and Key Competitive advantages of Logistics


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