Principles of Shariah Compliant Banking Operations

Islamic Finance



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  • Course Language: Arabic & English
  • Certification: Accredited Certificate from Technical and Vocational Training Center

  • Educate bankers and staff members of other financial institutions on the basics of the requirements of Islamic banking, and develop their skills in this field;
  • Examining and discussing aspects of Shari’ah governing banking operations;
  • Studying Islamic modes of financing that regulate banking operations in compliance with Shari’ah rules;
  • Studying experiences of some banks which have formed investment portfolios based on Islamic finance

  • Employee who are working at Islamic banks and conventional banks offering Islamic financial services, particularly bank personnel or the junior bankers who have not previously been involved in Shari'ah-compatible banking operations.

  • Introduction to Islamic Finance
    • Objectives of Islamic Finance
    • Principles of Islamic Finance


  • Theories of Interest
    • Riba Theories
    • Riba al-Fadhl
    • Riba al-Nasee’ah
    • Gharar Theories


  • Rules and Principles of Exchange in Islamic Finance
    • Exercise: Cases applied to interest and the types of Riba and Gharar
  • Principle of Shariah-Complaint Banking.
    • Banking: According to Murabaha
    • Banking: According to Salam and Istisna'
    • Banking: According to Ijara (Islamic Leasing)
    • Banking: According to Musharakah and Mudarabah
    • Exercises: Practical Applications of Islamic Modes of Finance in Banking Transactions.



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