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MFTC have finished the delivery of a training course “ Economic Feasibility Study which was held in Jeddah city for four days, from 30th of Dec to 2nd of Jan 2018.

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All the best for our trainees and we will be glad to see you in our upcoming courses.

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  • The Concept and Importance of The Project Feasibility Studies
  • Elements and Life Cycle of Feasibility Study
  • Preparation of Marketing Feasibility Study
    • Identify the potential consumers of the project
    • Identifying customer needs
    • Determine the marketing gap
    • Predict the expected sales
    • Forecasting sales and marketing expenses for the project
    • Practical situations
  • Preparation of Technical Feasibility Study
    • Choosing the right location for the project
    • Select the appropriate technology for the project
    • Estimate the initial investment cost for the project
    • Practical situations
  • Economic and Financial Feasibility Study
    • Prepare the operating flows of the project
    • Economic assessment of the project
    • Method of payback period
    • Net Present Value
    • Profitability guide
    • Internal Rate of Return
    • Average internal rate of return
  • Using Scenarios in Project Sensitivity Analysis
  • Planning of Project Profitability
  • Overall Management for The Projects
  • Practical and Applied Cases for Real Implemented Projects .


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