Certified Islamic Banker

Islamic Finance


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  • Course Duration: 5 days
  • Course Language: English
  • Certification: Accredited Certificate from Technical and Vocational Training Center


The Certificate of Certified Islamic Banker aims to improve the capabilities and the potential of financial and Islamic banking staff, as well as male and female graduates who wish to enter the field of financial services industry from various Islamic countries in the world, through providing them with sound professional skills in their work and enable them to know the Shari’a principles governing the Islamic banking applications.

  • The staff of Islamic banks and financial institutions.
  • Academically qualified in banking and finance sciences.
  • Academically qualified in Shari’a science and jurisprudence transactions.


-The curriculum adopted for the Certificate includes subjects of theoretical and practical aspects, covering banking and Shari’a transactions, focusing on Islamic financial transactions of banks and finance companies and Islamic investment.
--The curriculum is divided into 6 modules including:
---The principles of Islamic Economy.
---Introduction to Islamic banking and financial transactions
---Islamic finance.
---Islamic Investment
---Islamic banking
---Systems of fund receiving



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