Financial Modeling Using MS Excel

Accounting and Finance

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  • Course Duration: 5 days
  • Course Language: Arabic
  • Certification: Accredited Certificate from Technical and Vocational Training Center
  • Use Microsoft Excel in business finance more effectively.
  • Analysis financial statements produce report and charts in no time.
  • Present- and Future-Value Modeling.
  • Capital Budgeting: Detailed Analysis and Modeling.
  • Leasing Models: Capital, Operating; Buy vs. Lease.
  • Platform cost-volume-profit analysis (C-V-P) and Capital Budgeting.


  • CEOs ، CFO ، المدراء الماليين، المحللين الماليين وموظفي الادارات المالية.
  • موظفي التحكم والخزائن و المحاسبة
  • مدراء و اخصائيي الاستحواذ، مدراء التخطيط الاستراتيجي
  • مدراء ومحللي الميزانية
  • محللين العمليات ومدراء التطوير الاداري


Introduction to Excel Basics
Basic Operations
- Financial Functions
- Report Manager
- Conditional Formatting
- Goal Seek Flow Annuity
Introduction to Time Value of Money
- Single Cash Flow Annuity
- Using Excel To Execute Capital Budgeting and perform C-V-P Analysis
Net Present Value (NPV)
- Basics
- Forecasting Cash Flow
- Working Capital
- Project Capital and Evaluation


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