Financial Skills to Non Financial

Accounting and Finance

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  • Course Duration: 3 days
  • Course Language: Arabic
  • Certification: Accredited Certificate from Technical and Vocational Training Center

  • With a better understanding of the accounting procedures underlying the preparation of financial statements in certain industries and how these affect results of operations.
  • With tools to evaluate business plans and determine the viability of business entities especially startups.
  • With tools to assess the operating and financial risks facing business organizations.
  • With tools to determine the financing needs of business entities.
  • With tools to determine the value of business organizations

  • Financial managers and other financial officers of business organizations.
  • Corporate accountants.
  • Business owners.
  • Investment advisors and business consultants.
  • Participants interested in careers in finance and accounting


Basics of Accounting

-- Introduction to Accounting and financial Statements.

-- Financial Versus Managerial Accounting.

-- Analyzing Transactions.

-- The T-Account.

-- Journal Entries.

-- Posting to the Ledger.

-- Adjusting Entries.

-- The Income Statement.

-- The Balance Sheet.

-- Linking the Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

-- Completing the Accounting Cycle.

-- Closing Entries.

-- Gross Profit and Net Income.

-- Cost of Goods Sold.

-- Sales Returns and Allowances.

-- Sales Discounts.

-- Accounting errors, and corrections.

-- Internal & External Auditors.

-- Review of the preparation and proper classification of financial statements with an appreciation for the various accounting alternatives that may be used.

Traditional Ratio Analysis

-- Analysis of liquidity.

-- Analysis of profitability.

-- Analysis of leverage position.

-- Analysis of debt paying ability.

-- Analysis of the Statement of Cash Flows.

Budgeting & Cost Accounting:

-- Cost Volume Profit Analysis.

-- Cash Budgeting.

-- Time Value of Money Concepts.

-- Capital Budgeting

-- Case studies that require thorough analysis applying the above concepts.

-- Various valuation techniques to determine the value of business organizations.



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