Hanan Alattas meeting with the representatives of IBTA Arabia

Hanan Alattas ( CEO of Managerial and Financial Training Center) held a meeting with the representatives of International Business Training Association - IBTA Arabia, On last Thursday, 26 of Oct 2017, in Dubai city in order to launch the CBP training programs and CYBP professional programs. These programs aim to train and qualify cadres in the Saudi labor market, and raise the level of performance of individuals and institutions to keep up with the latest developments in the field of business.
The International Business Training Association (IBTA ) has accomplished several training projects, such as: Preparation and development of Government Excellence Program in UAE , Preparation and development of Excellence in Customer Service Diploma with the UAE Ministry of Interior, Preparing and implementing training programs in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council and Abu Dhabi University, and many other projects.
Certified Business Professional (CBP) is a specialized programs in business development and practical skills, consisting of three levels (Foundation Level - Professional Level - Business Improvement Level) to include many target groups such as general managers, department managers, employees and men Business, students and recent graduates.
The CBP programs has very high standards that distinguish it from other specialized training programs in management and skills fields, where the trainee receives an international certificate after passing the international exam, provided by Prometric Prime centers, which located in many cities at KSA.

Dubai – 26 of Oct. 2017

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