(Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC

Foundation and Development of the TVTC

The beginning of technical and vocational training in the Kingdom goes back to an early period. At that time, it was distributed between three governmental authorities: the Ministry of education ran the training secondary schools (industrial, agricultural and commercial), the Ministry of Labor and social affairs ran the vocational training “Vocational training Centres” and the Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs ran the assistant institutes.

Having the interest in preparing the manpower for technical and vocational fields and the increasing need for qualifying the Saudi youth for technical and industrial fields, the Kingdom collected all fields of technical and vocational training in an umbrella organization – the TVTC.

Then a Royal decree No. 30/m, dated on 10/08/1400, stipulated the establishment of the TVTC and to group all the technical institutes and vocational training centers under the umbrella of the TVTC. Accordingly, TVTC started to pursue its function, developing its programs continue to get along with the Kingdom’s needs and to improve human resources to meet the needs of the labor market.

There was a bad need to find highly, qualified national manpower able to achieve the Kingdom’s aspiring plans for development.


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