Measuring and Evaluating Efficiency of Financial Statements

Course Language Arabic, English
Accreditarion/Qualifying TVTC
Delivery Method Public, Private
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Course Objectives
–It is planned by the end of this course that participants would have gained the following skills/advantages:
—Comprehend the makeup and purpose of balance sheet
—Comprehend the makeup and purpose of income statement
—Comprehend the makeup and purpose of cash flow statement
—Understand the strengths and pitfalls in financial statement analysis
—Know how to standardize financial statements for comparison purposes
—Know how to common-size financial statements to spot out performance trends and patterns
—Know the determinants of a firm’s microscopic and holistic profitability
—Master efficiency and assets utilization analysis
—Calculate efficiency of operating cycle components
—Appreciate the added value of DuPont diverging formulas
—Pinpoint areas of weak efficiency performance
—Know how to compute and interpret important financial ratios
—Take a note of how financial statement information can be effectively use for financial analysis

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