Certified Shariah Advisor and Auditor (CSAA)

Course Language Arabic, English
Accreditarion/Qualifying TVTC
Delivery Method Public, Private
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Course Objectives
–CSAA program is designed to equip candidates with the requisite technical understanding and professional skills on Shari’a compliance and review processes for the international Islamic banking and finance industry. Through the CSAA program, candidates will gain advanced knowledge on:
–Roles and functions of various Shari’a compliance and review processes in financial institutions.
–Correlation between a financial institutions’s Shari’a Supervisory Board (SSB) and its internal Shari’a compliance and review processes.
–Mechanism to ensure Shari’a compliance in accordance to resolutions and fatwas (Scholars’ rulings) issued by SSB.
–Technical review of banking and financial operations to determine Shari’a compliance.
–Establishing the foundations to gain stakeholders’ trust and confidence in a financial institution’s adherence to Shari’a.
Who may participate?
–Professionals and executives who are currently involved in Shari’a compliance and review for banking and finance.
–Professionals and executives who are currently involved in accounting, auditing, and finance.
–Professionals and executives with interests in the fields of Shari’a, accounting, auditing, or finance.

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