Development and Continuous Improvement

Course Language Arabic, English
Accreditarion/Qualifying TVTC
Delivery Method Public, Private
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Program Goals:

-Learn how to overcome natural resistance to change and develop an attitude that is open to new ideas

-Get to know how to identify and measure waste

-Learn the Kaizen (continuous improvement) foundations

-Get to know Kaizen principles and tools for problem-solving and the improvement of processes

-Get to know successful Case Studies of implementing a Continuous Improvement Culture

Target Audiance:

-Anyone interested in learning the basics about implementing Continuous Improvement in their workplace using Kaizen tools and techniques.

-Middle and Upper level managers who are responsible for the implementation of the Kaizen process.

-Continuous Improvement Team

-Project Leaders

-Logistics Directors

-Engineer Operators

-Service Operators

-Logistics Operators

-Production operators

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